After School Club


Here at Blaydon Youth and Community Centre we provide a welcoming, family friendly and more importantly FUN After School Club for children aged 3 to 11 years old.

Our qualified and experienced childcare staff pick up children in our mini-buses from three local primary schools; Blaydon West, St Joseph’s and St Mary and St Thomas Acquinas. We’ve worked closely with all three primary schools to arrange pick ups that are safe and quick for the children in the current COVID pandemic.

Once back at the Youth Centre we make use of all of the available space, the older children usually go through to our ‘Social Area’ while the younger group use or Play Room. Staff provide a variety of activities and free play options for the children while we cook them a light tea.

After School Club runs from 3pm – 6pm and costs £10 per session, this covers the cost of transport and a light snack for children.


Food and nutrition

The children are provided with water, milk and juice throughout the session. There is also a variety of fresh fruit available.

Each night we cook a light tea or snack, the children have helped us develop the dishes we offer their favourites are; spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, sausage and mash, beans on toast, chicken noodles, fish fingers or chicken nuggets and chips, vegetable and tomato soup, bagels and crumpets with a variety of toppings, wraps with a variety of fillings, pitta or wrap pizza’s and more.



We’ve got great facilities here at Blaydon Youth Centre which means there are plenty of spaces and activities to suit all ages.

Every night the children have access to the main Play Room, our Social Area and our Outdoor Play Area.

In the Play Room the children have access to the following toys and activities; construction, small world, imaginary play, sensory play, arts and crafts, music and books, board games, jigsaws and puzzles.

In the Social Area the children have access to computers, air hockey, a pool table, arts and crafts, board games, card games, puzzles and books. There’s also a TV so after a hard day at school they can relax and watch TV together for a short time.

In the Outdoor Play Area children have access to; a climbing frame and slide, a den, a large sandpit with a variety of digging and construction toys, a mud kitchen, our camper van and a variety of outdoor toys such as bikes, balls, quoits, beanbags and more!

Throughout the week After School Club also has the opportunity to use the Sports Hall , Sports Field and our new Outdoor Classroom!

In the Sports Hall we have soft play and sports equipment and play a lot of group games – usually ones that involve a lot of running around!! The Sports Field is also used for playing sports and group games.

In our new Outdoor Classroom the children have the opportunity to help us plant and grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and more. This is a place where they can get close to nature and explore the animals and insects that live in the area, summer and spring is a great time for frog hunting!

We are hoping to start running a Forest School in our Outdoor Classroom from 2021 – watch this space for future news on this!

Admission Inquiry


Blaydon Youth and Community Centre became one of our favoured venues during the first lockdown. As a training provider, we could continue to deliver our courses as they are educational and essential. Unfortunately, a lot of the venues we were already using had closed. On the search for more venues, we started contact with Susan Forster (Business Administrator) from Blaydon. She was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Susan and the staff took great care of our delegates and trainer. The venue was always clean and Covid-19 secure, which was vital as a main concern for our delegates. Our trainers have had nothing but excellent feedback post training here and I cannot thank Susan and the team enough for all their hard work and support.

Due to our excellent experiences and the rapport built, we have decided to continue using this venue in 2021. We would highly recommend.

Thank you for taking good care of us. We really do look forward to working with you in 2021. Massive thank you to Susan for all her support.


We were extremely happy with the booking process; staff could not be more helpful. I wish all venues were as well kept and looked after us as well.

Due to Covid-19, it is very limited to what can be done but it was first rate. Everything I needed was to hand and Sue was on hand if we needed anything else.

The Centre facilities were very clean.

The venue is ideal for what we do, and staff go out of their way to help, the venue has sufficient parking and is very easy to find.


The booking process was easy to do and the staff were always extremely helpful in supporting any of our needs for the rooms we required. The staff were always very welcoming and extremely helpful. Refreshments were available but we did not use these facilities. The Sports Hall is a great space for leading sport sessions.

All the facilities were clean and well maintained. It was great to use a local facility to support our children with their PE lessons.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed their visits to the Sports Hall, and I would highly recommend the Centre for anyone looking to lead sports related activities to children.